Fashion Avenue News Magazine Fashion Week issues has hit the stores.  This month we have the honor of having two fabulous fashion designers on our Double Cover.  Omar Salam and Clarence Black Couture.

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Feb 2013


Su Kei Na which means bright light is a collection that shines and expresses the designer, Omar Salam’s inner spirit. The collection is named after Salam’s late mother who passed away when Salam was young. Her light and spirit is the inspiration and driving force behind the innovative designs. His collection reveals different emotions of exhilaration as the colors are vibrant; the fabrics are delicate, luxuriant and elegant.

After earning a degree in fashion design in 2001 at Parson, Salam began his career working for world-renowned French designer Sonia Rykiel.  He started with a position in Sales than moved his way up to Merchandising and finally became Visual Director for the New York City branch.  Salam’s seven years experience at Sonia Rykiel laid the foundation of well a rounded background in fashion. He gained knowledge in product development, marketing campaigns, window implementations and merchandising configurations. Upon starting his own label, Salam had an opportunity to also work for Christina Lacroix as a Visual Director.

In 2008, the line Sukeina was launched and presented during New York Market week. Salam received great responses from buyers, stylists and editors.  Salam’s vision was to create clothes that would make every women feel beautiful, empowered and comfortable at any given time in their lives.  The collection was beautifully designed to celebrate femininity.

Omar Salam’s mother always looked past the obvious and saw something beautiful in everything. Almost as if she could see the future and potential growth in everyone.  Sukeina has the same concept as Salam sees the collection as a mutation, ever evolving and becoming new.



If everything and everyone has a season, this is Clarence Black’s moment. Being the great grandson of a Trinidadian Tailor, designing is in his blood. The Clarence Black customer is a stronge,modern, worldly, sexy sophisticated woman character. He designs clothes that make you dream and aspire to be who you want to be. Trained at Fashion Institute of Technology, specializing in Couture eveningwear.

Clarence loves to cut cloth, and mold it and shape it, to a women’s body.

Born December 5,1979 to Blanche and Clarence Black Jr. of montclair, NJ.  At the early age of 6 years old, Clarence credits the amazing women in his family for encouraging him to Tap into his creative energies.

He began designing and constructing for private clients in high school and then onto designing full collections for local tri-state trade shows, receiving notable recognition and awards.

Clarence launched his own small company in the fall of 1999, specializing in made to order couture Day and Evening wear, with a strict attention to detail,cut,color, and fabric. Far away ethnic places like India,Africa,Japan,China,Russia, and Italy are places that are a constant inspiration for him season to season, traveling to Africa to Japan in ten minutes, traveling the world through its music, inwhich is a spring board of ideas, from which emerges a Couture collection.

The future aspirations for Clarence Black are to secure a backer with a a stronge vision to build a serious evening and sports wear business, that women and men all over the world will respect and want to wear!!!


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