Face of Fashion4Africa Gambia 2012 begins in Senegambia


Face of Fashion4Africa Gambia 2012, an international modelling competition that aims to bring young boys and girls of Africa to the forefront of glitz and glamour industry, is set to begin with a spectacular showcase of aspiring models strutting down the runway clad in fantastic apparel creations by a range of African fashion designers.

 Organized by the Face of Fashion4Africa founder Anna Njie in the Senegambia Confederation, the event will showcase garment collections from Nigeria-based ethnic brand Asake (Asakeoge Designs), which specializes in bright, bold and vibrant clothing for fashion forward African ladies and gentlemen.

UK-based and Nigeria born designer Grace Iwobi would feature the latest creations from his label Uchenna London. The designer is known for combining African, Asian and European ethos in his designs.

Congolese born, Marie-Chance Gallimoni will present her desert climate inspired second collection titled ‘rising strength’ from her clothing line Chancie Style at the event.

Other designers like Maureen Amooti from Moryn Designs, Racheal Kisti and Dzaina Designs’ owner Zaina Ahmed will also present their eclectic creations at the event.

Along with a number of catwalk shows and exposure to the world class modelling platform, the winner amongst the participating 10 boys and 15 girls will play an ambassadorial role as a representative of African beauty throughout Africa and beyond.

The winner would also get an opportunity to catwalk at the prestigious London Fashion week 2013.


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