Model Sam

Fashion Avenue News magazine December issue is available for sale.

This month we have two beautiful models for our issue.  Each model fabulous in their own right, so how do we feature both on our covers?  We created a double cover for this issue.  Two models, both on the cover, the inside is the same, the covers are different. This issue is packed with great articles, fashion and more.

Why should you buy Fashion Avenue News magazine?

First of all we are entrepreneurs and we own the publication.  Since we own Fashion Avenue News magazine we do not have to ask anyone for permission as to whom to feature on our pages.  If we like a model or designer, they don’t have to be famous or have a store.  The designer may have an in home shop or a small boutique, we can feature them.  We cover many local events with small businesses that need the publicity.  We are available when many large publications may not be interested.  We cover people that are not celebrities (but may be one day), so you can get help on your way up the fashion ladder.  We also give back to the community, we sponsor fashion events such as the FREE Fashion Avenue News New Year’s Party.  When have you even seen an event, FREE on New Year’s?  Most events cost $175.00 per couple and up.  It is also a very high quality magazine as far as the type of paper it is printed on.  No thin, easy to tear paper here.

We believe in you, we want you to believe in us.  Purchase a PRINT copy of the December issues of Fashion Avenue News on our website or in stores; store locations can be found at www.FashionAvenueNews.com.  It would be appreciated and it will keep us available to feature emerging talent and covering your events.

If you are a fashionista, please submit hi res photos with credits for magazine placement consideration.

We thank you in advance.

Please like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and watch us on YouTube; most of all, share this information.



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