Fashions Finest Awards recognizes exceptional talent

The second annual Fashions Finest Awards taking place on 10th November 2012 is set to be one of the events of the year that recognizes exceptional talent within the fashion industry.

The Awards ceremony has grown immensely in its two years of existence and is an award that is highly sought after, this year across the various categories Fashions Finest Awards received over 492 nominations and it took many months for the panel to come up with the final shortlist of nominees in each category.

The awards has attracted international interest from the prestigious Vogue Italia magazine and celebrities from the hit Rihanna’s TV series “Styled to Rock”, Steve, Jacqueline, Ben, Ricky, Ralph, Meganne, Heidi, Chanelle and the winner of the series Zainab will be attending the ceremony to present the award ‘Stylist of the Year’ and the entire cast will be attending the awards to support their fellow contestant Sally Ellis – SVE, whom is a nominee in the category of ‘Designer of the year’.

Fashions Finest Awards spends an enormous amount of time deliberating on whom should receive the award each year but this year it was a very easy choice for the panel. This year Fashions Finest is excited to be presenting Yemi Osunkoya of ‘Kosibah’ a special recognition award for the great things he has achieved in over 20 years as a designer.

Fashions Finest Awards will be an evening of entertainment and suspense but it will also be an evening of giving, our chosen charity for this year’s awards is the ‘Heroes Children Fund’, setup to support the children of our fallen heroes. The fund feels that these children should be acknowledged and supported for the loss of their parent whilst keeping us, the general public, safe and able to live in a free society. They aim to provide the children with gifts, day’s out/activities and holidays. On the night there will be various activities to raise much needed funds for this worthy charity.

The evening will culminate in a fantastic after party to celebrate the nominees and winners of the Fashions Finest Awards and the guests, stars and celebrities that attend the ceremony.

Fashions Finest are committed to supporting up and coming talent from diverse backgrounds and appreciate new and innovative ideas that pioneer and reflect the climate. With this in mind our desire is to make a unique and positive contribution through Fashion design to the ever changing world and society within it.


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