Heidi Klum to don Cleopatra’s outfit for Halloween party

Heidi Klum, the famous supermodel of German origin, is soon going to be seen wearing an opulent, over-the-top attire, replicating the look of the last Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra, on her 13th annual ‘Halloween’ party, due to be held on 31st October 2012.

The television host-cum-businesswoman will sport an extravagant gold gown teamed with crystal-covered headpiece and a feathered cape, designed by costume designer Martin Izquierdo.

The 39-year-old model, famous for her interesting Halloween costumes, has earlier donned several queer outfits, including a tall alien transformer gear and a scary black crow garb, for the same occasion.

New York-based costume designer Martin Izquierdo owns a design studio that specializes in costumes, props, decors and fabrication for the entertainment industry.

The Historically renowned queen of Nile ‘Cleopatra VII Philopator’ is one of the most popular figures in the western culture. Her legacy has been sung in numerous works of art and literature.


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