‘Fashion and Technology’ new exhibition in Dec at MFIT

The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (MFIT) presents Fashion and Technology, a new exhibition in the Fashion and Textile History Gallery that will examine how fashion has engaged with—and been altered by—technological advancements throughout history.

Time and again, fashion’s dynamic relationship with technology has both expanded its aesthetic vocabulary and pushed the industry forward by streamlining production.

Fashion and Technology will feature more than 100 objects from the museum’s costume, accessory, and textile collections. Spanning 250 years, the exhibition will be displayed in chronological order.

With a focus on technological innovations that have had an impact on the production, materials, aesthetics, and function of fashion, Fashion and Technology will include objects as diverse as an afternoon dress, circa 1860, produced using synthetic dyes that resist fading, and Pierre Cardin’s seamless dress from 1968 that showcases his pioneering “Cardine” textile, which can be permanently molded into three-dimensional forms.

Also on view will be Jean Paul Gaultier’s 1996 jumpsuit that utilizes the aesthetic of the “Cyber Age” as a decorative motif, and the LilyPad Arduino circuitboard, which allows designers to push the function of clothing further by integrating smart electronics directly into their garments.


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