Hainsworth teams up with young fashion designers

Graduate fashion students from Huddersfield University turned to leading British textile manufacturer Hainsworth for inspiration for their new collection.

The students created their womenswear collection using Hainsworth’s famous scarlet and black Doeskin. The Doeskin is traditionally used to make military mess dress and garments and was even worn by Prince William on his wedding day.

The garments they made will be on display at the Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills during Yorkshire Wool Week, which runs from October 15-22. The six students designed the stunning collection of womenswear in collaboration with Leeds Fashion Works.

Leeds Fashion Works has a permanent exhibition at Armley Mills – Behind the Seams – which is a celebration of the heritage of British skills in the fashion industry. The Huddersfield University students’ garments are an extension of this project, demonstrating the skills employed from cloth to finished garment, all created in Yorkshire.

Suzy Shepherd, one of the founders of Leeds Fashion Works, said: ‘The textile industry in Yorkshire is something to be proud of and these students are using the sort of skills that need to be treasured and promoted.’

Tom Hainsworth, Managing Director of Hainsworth, said: ‘We’re delighted that the students have created such a diverse and distinctive range of garments using our fabrics. It’s a stunning collection.’

The Huddersfield students are not the only ones to be inspired by Hainsworth’s fabrics. The company is also working with several high profile designers who are using Hainsworth fabrics for Autumn 2012 collections.

The fashion students

The six students graduated in Fashion Design with Manufacture, Marketing and Promotion or Fashion Design with Textiles at Huddersfield University.

Lisa Tibbs, 25, designed a full length black dress with high front vent and contrast collar. She said: ‘The idea behind my design was to play on the androgynous elements in everyday menswear and interpret them into a sophisticated and edgy womenswear piece with a twist.’

Kate Duckworth, 22, created a red sculptured skirt and leather military jacket with white oversized cuffs. She said: ‘My garment embodies the heritage of Hainsworth, combining its influence in British culture with the lustrous qualities of the fabric and innovation into future design.’

Bethany Winrow, 23, designed a menswear black jacket suit with contrast red panels. She said: ‘Inspired by majestic birds of prey, I created my garments by adding a fresh twist to traditional tailoring. Using fine British wools for a luxurious feel, the collection encompasses elements of classic and modern design.’

Chloe Savage, 22, created a black jacket and skirt with oversized scarf detail. She said: ‘I took my inspiration for my design from the layers and contours of nature’s canyons. My garments were created to wrap the body, forming and protective outer shell.’


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