Istanbul Fashion Week concludes with glitz & dazzle

The seventh edition of the annual Turkish fashion revelry, the Istanbul Fashion Week, concluded with an opulent dose of highly innovative apparel creations by the country’s 34 most popular fashion designers and five apparel brands

The four-day-long event was graced by brightly coloured, intricately detailed and chic sophisticated spring/summer 2013 outfits created by a line of Turkey’s famous designers, including Safak Tokur, Nihan Peker, Songül Cabaci, Ayhan Yetgin, Günseli Türkay and Çigdem Akin.

The first day of the event saw the prolific north European fashion designer La Hong Nhut’s debut collection exclusively designed for the Istanbul-based women’s store Triko Misirli.

The tailor-made haute couture designs from the seasoned designer were excitingly fashionable and strikingly sexy.

The collection included glittery trousers, refined lace tops and one-shouldered dresses in a colour palette of black, beige and fuchsia.

Renowned Turkish fashion designer Dilek Hanif showcased her spectacular collection of over 52 apparels inspired by the 18th century painter Mary Casst, who is known for capturing various female moods and forms in her paintings.

The line featured cocktail dresses and casual-chic midi-dresses in romantic pastel hues like salmon, vanilla, sea green, white and light pink.

Internationally acclaimed Turkish designer Atil Kutoglu presented a 65-piece collection, which projected a fusion of ancient age fashion and modern-day minimalism topped with contemporary architectural styles.

The event was supported by the Istanbul Ready-to-Wear and Apparel Exporters Association (IHKIB), Fashion Designers Association, United Brands Association and Istanbul Fashion Academy.

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