Portland’s fashion forward lifestyle on show at FASHIONxt

Portland’s fashion forward lifestyle makes this city like no other – and it is that fashion forward lifestyle that will be showcased at FASHIONxt. It is a city with a lifestyle that embraces not only what is next in fashion, but what is next in personal style technology that enhances life experiences. It is a city where you can ride a one-meter electric vehicle created by Portland startup Boxx to a cutting edge runway show featuring forward-thinking, creative design.
It is a city where a startup’s innovation can share the stage with world-class technology leaders like Intel, which will debut an inspirational runway collection for the Personal Cloud powered by Intel technology.
It is a city where you can record it all and play it back on your iPad with the unparalleled sound of the Zooka speakers from Portland’s Carbon Audio. Only in Portland can you find such outside the box creative expression – and you will see that at FASHIONxt.
Fashion is center stage at FASHIONxt with exceptional collections under the bright lights on the runway. Emerging designers from past years will take the stage again to reveal their latest creations. Will one emerge as Portland’s next fashion design star? Among the national and international designers showing at FASHIONxt will be Project Runway designers Becky Ross and Seth Aaron from the Portland area and Project Runway All-star Michael Costello.
Seth Aaron, winner of Project Runway Season 7, and Project Runway Season 9 Runner Up, (people’s choice winner) star Viktor Luna will collaborate to design a stunning collection inspired around personal cloud powered by Intel technology. This collection will be featured on FASHIONxt runway opening night October 10.
In the weeks leading up to the runway shows, the personal cloud powered by Intel technology is the critical bridge to innovative expression and easy remote access for everyone on FASHIONxt’s creative team, whether engaged in design, marketing, media relations or production. The personal cloud knows no limits of time or place. “With the personal cloud, I can reach and share my design portfolio wherever I may be inspired – in my west coast design studio or in New York City.” said Seth Aaron.
“FASHIONxt showcases the creative collaboration achievable with the personal cloud powered by Intel technology,” said Ilene Aginsky, Marketing Program Manager with Intel’s Communications and Storage Infrastructure Group. “The runway collection will put that creative collaboration on the world stage in a way never before imagined.”
“Portland is known for being a national and international creative hub – and few events showcase the diversity of Portland’s artistic, entrepreneurial spirit more than FASHIONxt. Combining the worlds of fashion, creative arts, technology and sustainability, FASHIONxt is a true Portland original,” said Mayor Sam Adams.


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