FASHION TITAN Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona – just the name brings vision of upscale, luxury fashion & lifestyle garments.  Custo is a Fashion Titan – one of the most powerful brand in the fashion world.  As fashion week approaches, we sit on the edge of our seats to see what this Titan is going to show at Mercedes-Benz Lincoln Center.  If you’re like me and can barely wait, take a look at these beautiful sketches….


  • Custo Barcelona began when two young Spanish designers, Custo and David Dalmau set up shop in Barcelona, Spain in the 1980s. They began with men’s wear, and expanded to women’s clothing.
    While on a motorcycle trip around the world, the two designers spent time in California, where they were especially taken by the California lifestyle and the colorful, psychedelic clothes worn by California surfers.
    In 1996 they put their inspiration to work and opened Custo Barcelona. They began with the brightly colored style T-shirts using psychedelic California inspired designs. Custo Barcelona clothes soon caught the attention of Hollywood, where the pieces were used for television and movies.
    Their expanded collection was shown during New York’s 1997 fashion week, and received positive reviews. Their colorful creations were a welcome sight after what had been a drab week on the catwalk.
    The two designers soon regularly appeared in the American media, raising interest in their products and the world-wide market. The Custo Barcelona line is currently available at 3000 points of sale, with the international market making up 85% of their sales.


  • What started out as wild designs and patterns for t-shirts has now expanded to dresses, jackets, hooded sweatshirts, coats, skirts, the Custo PURE Collection, denim, scarves, shoes and even bikinis.

Custo Barcelona is a brand of fashionable clothing, known for its boldly patterned and colorful designs. Even if it is a less formal style of designwear, Custo Barcelona is considered a top fashion brand, and has won many design awards, including Marie Claire’s Designer of the Year Award, and the GQ fashion award.

Courtesy of  Ingrid Hansen

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